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About Charlotte Ewalt

CharlotteGrowing up in a large family – nine children altogether – out in the rural area of Littleton, Colorado, I had an early interest in the geology all around us.  Rather than toys, we kids played with nature and animals.  My father helped develop my interest in rocks from an early age by telling me about rocks we would find and how they developed from being tumbled down the mountains in streams. 

As an adult, I had an interest in crafts of various mediums and I experimented in clay, bronze, and three-dimensional textiles.   Later on, my dad again influenced my direction by the development of his own expertise in lapidary.  My own children spent many pleasurable hours with him while he told us the stories of individual stones that he had obtained from around the world.

Now that I am based in Prescott, Arizona, I am able to take advantage of the tremendous resources in the community, including Yavapai College and the talented community of artists that are centered here.

My work today incorporates the cutting and polishing of semi-precious stones, metalsmithing, electroforming, enameling, and lost wax casting.   Most of my designs include more than one process to complete a work. 

I take enjoyment and pride in each piece’s originality with attention to making the design stand out from the norm.  Uniqueness and organic elements are the hallmarks of my designs.  Importantly, speed and production are not my motivation, rather the aesthetic form and development of the material’s capabilities are my goals.